Thursday, August 8, 2013

The rest of the wedding story

When we finally arrived at the Inn the lovely staff got me a glass of Pinot Gres and I inspected the room the rehearsal dinner would be held in and everything was wonderful. Then we got into the ancient elevator, only staff is allowed to operate it, and we went up to our suite.

It was lovely, this is the same rooms the Dalai Lama stayed in when he visited Middlebury College in October.

The next morning I went with the Mother of the Bride to get out hair done. Yes, I got Snooki and yes it could have been traumatic if I was not a strong woman. First, the salon was not open when we arrived and no one showed up for 30 minutes. The MOB almost had a meltdown but I was able to calm her down as that is what I do for a living. I put BD on the job of finding a new hairdresser for the bride, and just in the nick of time the wayward Jersey girls showed up.  As the hairdressers were setting up their stations I was able to note that Snooki had curly hair and highlights. Only her highlights were kinda orangey. I got the too fussy and glued hairdo. I was able to make it look better later in the day.

These are the ugly wedding shoes. I never looked at them after Big Daddy picked them up, they were delivered from a different store as I needed a size 7. Well, I started getting this niggling feeling that maybe the were the wrong shoe or 2 different shoes, or some such nonsense. I looked and they were fine. Just as I was walking away I thought I should try these on and thank goodness I did because they were tight. The right size but on the tight side. And I tried on the 7 and 1/2 and knew what that felt like, and the black 7 fit. Anyway-I had to send BD out for pantyhose. Huge Queensize pantyhose in nude. Now this was a hard find back in the day when everyone wore pantyhose. He came through like a champ and I could wear my shoes.

The bride was beautiful, the wedding was fabulous and a good time was had by all.


  1. BD is indeed a true champion - I am not sure I would be capable of such a task under that sort of pressure.

  2. I love rickety old lifts like that