Thursday, August 15, 2013

This has been a busy week

The kids honeymooned in Maine and brought us goodies as a thank you for helping with the wedding. Quite unnecessary but lovely to receive. Big Daddy can't wait to use the espresso rub. They also had a bar of salt soap in the bag and I cannot wait to savor that in the bath. It is not to be wasted in the early morning get out the door shower.

We are building pilots again this week and things have not been going well. I have got to say this is the sorriest launch I have ever seen. So far I have only worked 2 hours of OT this week and it is quite enough thank you. I am not a glutton and can do nicely on my 40 hours. This is going to change in the near future.

Funny of the day:

When I pulled into the lot and looked over at the pickum up truck parked next to me there was a guy inside brushing his teeth. I have never seen a person brush their teeth in public, much less a vehicle. Where the hell did he spit the toothpaste?

One of my plants was supposed to ship me a part because they shorted the releases. They could not tell me why but agreed to ship a part overnight to my house. This would have been for Saturday delivery. The box was delivered Monday morning and of course I was at work. I got home and tossed the box in my car. When I got to work Tuesday morning thank God I checked the box before handing it off to the customer. There was a lot of weird shit in that box, none of that shit being the missing part. We had to build shy on the line and overnight parts again. This is so embarrassing.

Today another plant did not ship to requirements and not only did they not tell me, they refused to call the customer back. And we wonder why people talk bad about us. Maybe because we are idiots.


  1. Here's what I-Pass did to me. That's the Illinois tollway transponder folks. I got a new (Detroit) car. My transponder stickums didn't make the transfer. The I-Pass site said get new ones at a toll booth. Since I won't be in Illinois soon I called and told the operator my story. He said No, problem, expect them in two to four weeks. They came today, three days later. That made me smile.

  2. It sounds like the auto industry is a lot of fun!

    1. To me it is hilarious, to some that take it too seriously it is very stressful and people have heart attacks.