Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Queen of the diplomatic email.

Yep, that is me.

Here is how it works, I get called at 6:30 from Newton Newbie whining about my short parts. I try to explain that they are not short and explain the engineering changes and then I remember Newton is a box of rocks. At this point I tell Newton I will be there in 12 minutes. He cannot comprehend the 12 minutes. I arrive, stow my stuff and go see Newton.

There are some launch guys staring at the car and Newton is in the conference room hard at work on his computer. I explain everything to them once again and half an hour later all everyone understands is that they used a part shipped in for the next build to fix this car and the fix did not work. Also they are now short a part. And then I explain why they are not going to get another part. I point to all the shit they hate on the part and say, remember how you wanted me to fix this? And they say yes. And I say, well we had to send the molds out to the toolmaker and they are cutting steel and this takes time. Days and Weeks, not a couple hours.

Then the mean prick, AKA Mr. Scrooge walks up and starts in, he is one of those that starts quietly and builds into a crescendo. "I am tired of hearing about this shit part and damn excuses . . ." then he finishes with "I cannot ship cars with this shit part and I do not want to hear anymore bullshit excuses." Then he turns on his heel and walks out. So I turn to Newton to tell him that I am serious he is not going to get better parts or any parts until August 29 and I notice he is quivering. I am serious. Quivering. I have never seen a person quiver in person. It is disconcerting.

That kinda ruined his day and he did not speak up at the daily meeting, probably scared shitless and now I have to wonder if he is going to have a nervous breakdown on me. It has been known to happen. People take this stuff way to seriously.

So once again I had to send out the email about how everything is a mess and what can you do about it or who is gonna tell the customer just how damn bad this is.

I forgot to mention the good thing about getting to work between 6 and 7 am is some days I am sitting on my porch enjoying the day at 2:30 to 3.