Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just a quickie before the ceremony

For some reason I cannot upload photos without getting some weird data warning so I will wait until we are home for the photo show.

Niagara Falls failed to amuse me. I am so glad I did not go out of my way to see them. The only redeeming feature is that there is no charge to cross the border at the Rainbow bridge.

We got lost so many times in New York I never want to go to New York again. We went through North Tonawanda, the City of Tonawanda and South Tonawanda, the chick at Tim Horton's remarked we must have missed the by-pass. No Shit.

There are parts of the southern Adirondacks that might have been used to film Deliverance. And there are quite a few people who live in partially burned up or broken down trailer homes. That is where I almost hit the deer. Yes, we were lost there too.

I forgot to bring a jacket and found a black one in the car that I usually wore to work. Of course I promptly lost this jacket somewhere in Canada.

Snookie did my hair this morning and well, it is what it is, which is pretty much way too fussy for me. But she kinda glued it in place so it is staying and I will wear a hat home tomorrow.

That is the plan, get up and get out of Dodge early.


  1. I find my hair to be pretty much of an unglued look these days; carpentry and sweat.

    1. As long as it makes you happy, to glue or not to glue?