Saturday, August 31, 2013

The week from Hades

I meant to take pictures this morning, and I forgot.

I got a pedicure this morning and meant to take a photo of my foozies soaking in the fabulous pedi chair. Forgot.

We went to the farmer's market down in the Park, forgot.

We went to lunch at Luxe, a new restaurant in town. It was fabulous by the way. Forgot.

The above photo is the veggies when we got them home. We also got some beautiful tomatoes and sweet corn. There is much bounty to be had from the farmer right now. All grown right here in Michigan. Pretty close too- because the big farmers go downtown to Eastern Market. I have not been there yet this year.

There is some serious shit going on at work. I am not even sure if they are sure what is happening. I now have to go to this daily morning meeting. They sit there and tell all the secrets to the building of the car. There are about 30 or so people in this meeting, all the customer employees and me-the lone supplier at the meeting. I keep thinking, are you all sure you want to be talking about this in front of me? Too weird.

The kids came out Wednesday for their goodbye dinner and I cried. They are packing up the U-Haul and towing the car behind them to Portland over the mountains. All I can think about is Desi and Lucy in "The Long Trailer". Gosh darn I hope it all goes well. I want Pics and the DIL is taking video of the move. She bought a calming collar for Noir, the cat, and some herbal downers-maybe for them all. They leave Monday and I will be on pins and needles til they get there.

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  1. I do remember that movie. The kids will have a great adventure.