Friday, October 4, 2013

A very hard week

I only clocked in 16.5 hours and it feels like I worked one hundred.

Yesterday I walked 3+ miles and today 4.15 miles and it was not a busy day. Those are only work miles by the way.

My new plants are okay and I think this will work for a while. I think the Big Boss guy is looking for more opportunity and new plants, maybe I can be the Jack of All Trades, it could happen.

Everyone at my old plant is telling my old boss how much they like me and think I got screwed, that is very nice to hear. The  new people seem fine and I just need to remember it takes time to feel comfortable. I remember at the old place after a month or so people just got used to seeing you and started talking and that is how you learn the flavor of the plant and get some people to talk to all day long.

The traffic is much worse in this direction. Sammy is starting to act like a Diva in the mornings.

I need a haircut and getting one in the morning and if it all turns out horrible again, I just might have to take JoAnnes advice and cut the cord. And the vain part of my being wonders if I had blown out and worked on my hair if I would still be there. I no longer go to work with the witchy curly hair do.

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  1. I do hope the scissor lady gets it right this morning.