Sunday, October 6, 2013

Adding insult to already bruised feelings

I can't say much about what happened at work, after all I do want to keep my well paid job-and I have kept it. There were machinations in the works for a few months to accomplish the task of removing me from the scene. The customer wanted someone young and pliable to do their bidding-which is just not possible even if you wish it.

The problems started at 6:23 in the morning with crazy bullshit and continued until I was escorted from the plant by 2 security guards and 2 salaried personnel. Four people to make sure little ole me did not do something untoward on a Saturday afternoon. Obviously none of these people knew me well as I am just not that motivated to create havoc on a Saturday that I may not be paid overtime for.

A few days later my Mother-In-Law called with the scathing news that everyone in the family was furious with us for not attending our nieces wedding. Well, here is the deal, we were not invited-to our knowledge. We did not get an invitation. Yes, we had a lot more to deal with that weekend then a wedding, but if I had known I would have taken the day off. And been thrown out another day.

So here is a lesson for all the people that think the postcards and shit printed off your computer are "the new norm" for invitations sent by mail. They are not the same as expensive, engraved invitations as they can get lost in the bundle with the pizza circulars and the paid advertising crap. If you can't afford the invitations don't invite so many people.

As for my Mother-In-Law, you have just made me off the chart angry with you. (She does not read this and will never know) Big Daddy talked with his sister, everything is fine, they agreed on the post card thing, we are sending the ever important check, and I now have absolutely no desire to come and visit. And you know what, until we were sitting on the porch at the wedding in Vermont not one person in BD's family had a clue at what I do for a living, and have done for a living since 1998. WTF.

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  1. I have been escorted off premises before - but never by four people. I am very impressed.