Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Old friends and new challenges

How to describe a day that was just unbelievable. I was called in early for an emergency situation, my parts did not fit the vehicle. Matter of fact the plant believed they were the wrong part totally. Heres the deal, everyone has something they know nothing about. I could talk about for instance, eyelash curlers, and some people may not know what in the world I am referring to. Others may have a vague notion but not really know the particulars about the curlers, only that they are needed to perform the complete makeup job.

Well, I was called in about some parts that make the car go. Go as in move in a forward direction. My previous experience has involved more of the car looking good. Moving was never really a consideration. Now I need to be concerned about this moving forward thing.

There were a lot of really angry looking guys quite pissed off as the part that helped to make the car go was not fitting and none of the cars would ever go anywhere at this rate. They wanted me to look at the parts and tell them what was wrong. Yea, right, they did not understand that I had no clue as to what the part was supposed to look like, and 24 hours earilier I thought all those parts were one and the same.

Yes, with the help of many others I got by and made this work. I sent the pictures and sounded okay and my new boss is happy and the plant is happy and I am so damn relieved. This is gonna cost a bundle though.

Then my other plant calls and wants me to cut a smidge off a part cause they can't train the operators. Cutting a smidge off this part is like me telling you to slice fresh mozzerella in 1/8 inch slivers with no variation, they must all be perfectly the same. Yea, right. And who is gonna pay for this precision work?

I met 2 guys from my past today, got a hug and a hey. Made me feel good.


  1. It's probably just as well I know zero, zip, nada about your job or I would wonder why you can't cut 1/8 inch perfect slivers of mozzarella.

  2. I am just so glad I do not have a job like yours

  3. Because "Fresh" mozzarella is squishy and you can't get a bead on it, my parts are not squishy but it is impossible to cut this off without lasers and very expensive check fixtures. She wanted me to take a knife from the Rachel Ray collection and make precision parts.

  4. I've got a friend that works in the medical device industry. She measures things with a micrometer.

    She would understand how your day went!


    1. Yep, I have mics and calipers and feeler gages, all in my cross body handbag by Coach. It is hilarious.