Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adjusting to the new norm

That is what we have been saying since 2009, just an acknowledgement that things will never be the same. Times changed for sure and some of the changes are for the good really. People are no longer strapped to the "company" out of fear or for unrequited loyalty.

My big adjustment to the last plant was to change from my long time phone carrier so I could receive phone calls in the plant. I also went high tech for me with the Jet Pack and a Mophie, I had WiFi and charging capabilities anywhere-anytime. The good part about that is my cell phone now works pretty good at my house. But I am not gonna carry that laptop case over my shoulder into these new plants, too heavy for a very long walk,  and no place to leave them safely, so they won't be stolen,  in the plants.

So tada, Big Daddy is out today doing what he does best, finding me a new appliance for work. I am looking for a smaller tablet that will work with the Jetpack and can be carried in a back pack. Then I need the perfect lightweight backpack. BD has a free one he got from his company when he was in India, but I don't like it for long term. He is checking out the Nexus 7, the iPad mini, and the Samsung Galaxy. I don't need a lot of data storage or graphics, but I don't want to replace it every year either.

My haircut is spectacular. I was starting to love it as she blew it out and at the end one of the assistants wandered over and exclaimed it was fabulous and very youthful. And this gal rarely talks to me. You know she had me at the youthful, but it does look great and although it will take 30 minutes until I get used to it-it should last for 2 days minimum. And I have lost 10 pounds so I do look a little better.

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  1. Sounds like you have upgraded from head to toe, hand to hand and even your back (pack). Way to go.
    I am so overdue for a haircut.