Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fat, fat, the sewer rat

I think I have used this title before and probably fit then as it does now. Even though I have lost 10 pounds and am still losing weight---I am still fat. This was proven by none other the the security picture taker at the plant. I have not been pushing for the badge as I am not sure I am going to be there long, but they got tired of coming and getting me every day.

Well, today I was approved for the badge at one of the plants and we happily went down to get the picture taken. And they found my old picture. And he put my old picture up next to my new picture and yes I cried like a baby. Not really, but I told him that was just plain mean.

It also means I can go in without fear of never getting out again on second shift. Be still my heart, the last damn thing I wanted was to go in on second shift. But there is an asshat on that shift that cannot put the part on and someone has to come in and fix the parts all the time, not me just can't do it. Maybe I will save my little bag of Better Maid BBQ chips for that visit.

The DIL had a birthday yesterday and I fell asleep and forgot to call her. Fie on me. And I forgot to send her a card. Worse Fie-ing on me. I am not a good MIL this year.


  1. My wife thought she saw a rat behind our building downtown a few weeks ago, but it turned out to be a possum. I just happened to see it in my headlights for a split second on Monday evening, then I was trying to think if I had ever seen one before in the wild. So after 40 years in Texas I can now say that I have seen more possums than I have tornados, 1 to 0. If you knew how badly the people at the movie theatre did performing the simple mundane task of putting trash in the dumpster you would understand why I consider the alleyway a wild place.

  2. Having seen both a rat and a possum I gotta say the possum is the scarier of the two.