Thursday, October 31, 2013

Car Part School review

They will never forget the War of Northern Aggression.

This was not a bad road trip. The guy I traveled with, my Former Boss, is really easy going so no stress and we both talk easily, so very comfortable.

The learning how the car parts are made was fun and fascinating. These are new parts to me, so 80% was all new manufacturing lessons. This was no small plant but it was it in Moonshiner, BFE. There is nothing like a small town to take you back and crack you up. There was one section of the plant where the messiest part of the process occurs and I must admit, I would be hard pressed to do that job. And I do not think there was one woman in that department.

All my FB could talk about on the way down was the Belgian Waffle that awaited him in the morning. We were staying at one of those hotels that have the free breakfast dealy-wop and he had learned of the menu and was focused on that waffle. Me, I am a doughnut girl. The only doughnuts I ever see is when I travel. They are not allowed in my home and I would never go and buy one here at home.

Well, when I meandered out to the coffee pot in the morning I scoped out the food and there was not a doughnut to be found. Actually the food offerings were pretty sad. My FB was already disappointed in the hotel and I knew this was not gonna make him happy. Worst breakfast buffet ever, yep this was it. Even the pre-cooked and peeled boiled eggs looked sad and not quite sanitary on their little plate with no ice and no cover.

Well, the big moment arrived and here was FB waiting for the waffle to cook. He had the butter and syrup all ready, his juice was poured. The moment arrived and when I saw him picking at the waffle iron with his waffle removing device I knew this was not good. The top and the bottom of the waffle split and then those portions split and in the end he had about 6 or 7 pieces of waffle. Yum.


  1. Oh the breakfast bar shudder. And how disappointing to not even live up to expectations.