Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy BIrthday to me.

This is not the best picture, it is a sterling silver "Candy Kiss" that Big Daddy got me years ago from a jeweler at the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit. We were there to see a play at the Fisher Theater and this was in the window. The store was closed and he made a special trip to get it. I don't wear it often as it is heavy and the chain seems short, but it was my birthday and I always try to wear a BD gift on my birthday.

I had to buy donuts today as one of the plants I visit have a tradition of the birthday person supplying the treats. When I got the donuts it was rush time, lunch hour and the place was packed. I went through the drive-thru and stuffed the change in the console and when I got to the plant and put the change in my little purse I noticed I had 10 dollars extra. Shit, now I had to go back and return this money and it was not in my direction home. I must say though the people at the store were very appreciative.

The weirdest thing happened to me today and it is the second this year it has happened. And it has never happened before. I was walking down the path to visit one of my parts when a huge nut flew across an area and hit my foot and almost caused me to fall as it could have been worse for getting under my shoe. Once at the old plant a hi-lo dropped the forks really hard and something hit my thigh really hard. It just makes me wonder if the maintenance is getting lax in these plants.

My Punkin Head sent me some lovely books and called me for my birthday, he is a sweetie.

And no flowers, hmmm.


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm sure you've had your fill of donuts already ;)

  2. Happy birthday, and here's a virtual bouquet to go with the real one I'm sure you have received, too.

  3. I hope you are having a veRy wonderful day! It is cold and wet outside so Coopie and I are snugglin' before I go back to work. I got my second embroidery machine yesterday and its stand should arrive tomorrow. Just busy figuring out a bunch of different technologies and techniques.

    1. You will be my go to for this work. Say hey to Cooper for me.

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