Sunday, November 10, 2013

I just snapped

Friday I was just so antsy I could barely stand myself. And my supervisor was in a foul mood and made me want to smack him. Then he got snappish that my badge has not been turned on at one of the plants. Well, sorry that is his job and obviously he failed. And after I have told you a few times I am not going to harp on it every day. Oh yea, I forgot, he is also Mr. Cut and Paste and send your emails to other people. Nuh uh dude, now very little gets put in writing. Be careful what you wish for.

So I finished up early and called Big Daddy and demanded the exact location of TJMaxx. Retail therapy of the sort were you could touch and see the goods. It was like a dream. I had so much fun and finally got the loaf pan of my dreams for 5.99. What a deal. And BD got new socks. There is something strange about BD's body chemistry and he eats through most metals and socks. Don't know why but it is true.

 I got a couple sweaters to wear to work, thin merino wool. I am thinking to wear these over cotton tee type shirts. Nice tee type shirts. You see, I must carry my outerwear with me wherever I go. So I am lugging my coat and a backpack every step I take. I am thinking I can wear the sweater under a non bulky jacket and be warm enough to get in the building on most days. I will just keep the down coat in the car for emergencies. I also got heavy duty North Face gloves as I have Reynauds and the fingers freezing is not fun.

Next I need to figure out what to wear for our trip to St. Augustine, the temps are in the high 60's and low 70's and should stay that way. I need footwear. I just found out there is a Marshalls around the corner from TJMaxx, how delightful. And they have a fabulous shoe department. That and DSW shoe warehouse should finish me off. It is so nice to go shopping here after my experiences in Shanghai. My next goal is a consignment shop for my wedding attire and I think I am dumping the wool cape from China. We will see.


  1. Have you considered an outdoor vest, like an L.L. Bean. I wore one for years when I did shows. A tee, a sweater, the vest. I could work comfortably (set up and tear down and driving are LABOR with a capital L), not overheat. Did I mention the pockets. Whoo hoo. When it wore down to a nub my daughter had to bribe it off me for burning.

  2. I will have to check, I have a down vest but it is way to bulky to carry around or stuff in a back pack.

  3. I love that we changed the name to TK Maxx over here. Heaven knows why! It's a great place for bargains though - I think we've built our Le Creuset collection out of that shop alone!

    1. It is so fun to just wander through once in a while