Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday minutiae

We have not had any Sammy reporting for awhile now. Sammy's new thing-when he gets out of the prison bathroom he goes outside and takes care of business. When he is done he barks and I go let him in. He grabs his toy and runs to his bed in the family room as if the devil himself is chasing him. This is his family room bed, his prison bed is much smaller and not as cushy.

I went to the dermatologist for the huge red thing that appears, fades, reappears and wouldn't you know it faded away and on the day of my appointment my skin looked better than it had in years. WTF. She gave me Metrogel and a coupon.

We had Faux Veteran's Day on Friday, really the start of firearm hunting here in Michigan, so everything is fairly quiet at the plants. Wonder how the hunters fared in the terrible winds we had. I saw 2 horrible accidents on the way home. Don't know why they happened but both were nasty. I think I need flares for my car, never had them before. Don't think I have my shovel anymore either.

I cannot find boots and I hate how all the shoes are differently sized now. Used to be a 7 was a 7, not anymore. Kinda ticks me off.

We are taking the seasonal payment for snow removal this year. Last year we paid by the push and got whacked on the costs. They were in the street waiting to plow before the sun could melt the snow. This year we figure if there is no snow it is a small price to pay.

I went with Big Daddy to Trader Joes on Saturday. First I had to get a dress hemmed, needed over a foot taken off then on to the grocery store. Bugger was not there so I was disappointed and we spent a fortune. But we stocked up and have dinner for the week plus backup food and wine. I got some Candy Cane Green Tea not realizing it is extremely minty. Punkin Head said it is horrible so I am not looking forward to trying it. I also got chocolate chip scones, I know they are not on the diet, and he said they were horrible-and he was right.



  1. Stop it with the snow words. Just stop it.

    1. Well, the snow contract is kind of like carrying an umbrella so it won't rain.

  2. What is the seasonal payment thing -Is this something we all have to do?

  3. In our area snow removal for your property-drive and walkways is contracted by the year-seasonal payment or by the push. Push being they come and plow avery time there is 2 inches. It is 450.00 for the season and last winter we paid close to 300 for one month.