Thursday, November 21, 2013

How this business works

Must have had some damage from the recent wind storms. There is planking under that truck so it does not sink into the lawn.

I have been pretty busy as my parts are all messed up. Some are missing pins,unfortunately they are certified for pins. Which means a broken clean point. Which is really, really bad. Others are too long. Also, unfortunately when I started measuring I found parts too short. So all my parts are too long or too short. I feel like a cheated Goldilocks, I have no parts that are just right.

So what happens next after I discover these issues I have to phone people and tell them of these problems. They of course deny that it is even possible that this could happen and that I am lying, trying to fool them, insane, or just plain stupid. This is of course when I tell them to look at their email/text message picture and call me back. Now is the fun part, we must come up with a fix, replacement, sort plan. Then I get to explain it to and train the homeless people who work for the sort company. You think I am kidding about this. I am not. There are not that many people who are willing to work for minimum wage on an on-call basis. That have transportation or access to bus service. Bus service is horrible in Metro Detroit.

Then I spend the next few days answering really stupid questions from everyone.

Oh, and I have to fill out reports, do emails, send information, etc. on all this data I am collecting.

Then people call me and ask stupid question because it is easier than reading the above mentioned reports, emails, etc. My favorite this time was one guy I called and every question was answered with "I don't know". I was tempted to ask him if he had on shoes just to see if this was a stock answer or if he was really that out of touch with his job.

I swear some of the answers are hilarious, as in "You might be right-maybe we should have 2 racks to sort on so we don't mix up this shit and send it to the wrong plant". Yea, it is kinda hard when the shit is 400 miles away from where it should be. And I have to explain. And I really cannot say, "Do you not understand most of the people working for us are as stupid as the people working for you"?

So anywhoo, I have just found out that the guy I am working for kinda part time is fighting to keep me from the full time job they are moving me too. Too Complicated. I will think this through after Thanksgiving.


  1. Hmmm...I believe you are useful to the guy you are working for, which he probably has never mentioned.

  2. We have an uneasy relationship, he needs me but wants to keep me in dark. I think it is a confidence thing.

  3. I lost part of my front yard tree in the last wind storm a few days ago. My assistant and my wife's assistant moved it for me. Its kinda like we each adopted a girl recently, what fun, we are getting pseudo-daughters and they both have children.

    1. Then you will have a fabulous faux family for the holidays