Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The best pick up line ever

Yes my nails are quite short here, but look at the ring. This is a picture of a defective part I sent to my company. I was looking at the ring and cracked up laughing. I do not wear good jewelry to work and this is a QVC special for 29.99 U.S. dollars I bought because it was cute and I wear it to work to ward off the worst of the worst whore dogs.

So the other day I am walking down the aisle in a rather un-populated area of the plant, eating a bag of Better Maid BBQ chips-made here in Detroit, by the way-when I am stopped by an old black man on a bicycle. Yes, they ride bicycles in the plants-they are efficient. This guys stops right in front of me and starts talking about the movie. He asked me where the movie was. Now, I am pretty sure I am dealing with the weirdo of all time and there is no one to witness whatever mayhem might follow. He kept asking about the movie and then he looked at my slyly and said, "Well, you should know where the movie is because you are a movie star, right?" Come on, a really old black guy took the time to make me laugh and feel like a queen for a few minutes. That guy is a King in my book.

And I guess the ring does not work.


  1. I always wear my wedding ring so that none of the checkout staff in Fresh Market try to hit on me.

  2. One cannot be too careful with the unwashed masses and whore dogs.

  3. I hate it when acidic vegetable juices get under my W Ring while I am cooking. Burns terribly.

    1. Wow, BD actually has something in his metabolism that eats all metal except gold. The stuff just disintegrates and falls off.