Sunday, March 16, 2014

Mr. Ford, goodbye

They said goodbye to Mr. Ford on Saturday. I knew this because as I pulled up to make the turn onto Lakeshore Drive Saturday morning to go to my pedicure appointment the police with all lights aglow swept past followed by a hearse. I thought to myself, well goodbye Mr. Ford. Then I thought, ah shit, this is gonna mess up my trip to town. Then I saw a single Ford SUV following the hearse and one more police car with lights ablaze and that was it. No procession. The convoy was obviously coming from his home and after the car in front of me pulled out there were the two of us following Mr. Ford's procession.

Now the way I was raised, you actually pulled over and allowed the funeral procession to pass unimpeded. Well, there were only 4 cars and we did. Now came the problem, they were going really slow. And it was a double lane divided road. And I had a pedicure appointment at nine. I am sorry, but I had to pass and it made me feel really bad.

And I forgot my special nail polish and had to pick out a new one. OPI's new spring red. It is pretty nice.

Big Daddy made Finnin Haddie for our Saturday dinner and I remembered why once a year is enough with that dish.

I am trying to track down books, currently popular, written by 2 male authors that are mystery novels, I believe at least one is a series. My old and no longer speaking to me friend recommended them and Anne Rice, the writer, also seems to like them. I have tried everything I know and cannot track them down. It is a disappointment.


  1. Mr. Ford is pleased you made your appointment, and will look into the books you need. I wonder how he'll let you know.

  2. Well, he could tell Don, my former resident ghost and if Don comes round to check on the house, he could leave a note.

  3. I did not know about Finnin Haddie. It looks good - I will try it. Can you give us some clues about the books?