Sunday, March 9, 2014

Famous people I have eye balled

Elvis at the Silverdome. He did rip out his pants there.

Ann Margret at the Fischer Theater- I always thought she was just the best.

Kiss at the Toledo Airport.-eye balled sat very near them and they were quite quiet and not into attracting attention at that time.

Jimmy Walker at Toledo Airport-eye balled-97202-5211ery quiet and just acted quite shy and alone. Very early in his career. 

Kent McCord-Adam 12-eye balled-oh yea he gave me the glad eye.

Gennifer Flowers New Orleans-eye balled very nice, sweet and beautiful woman.

John Grisham New Orleans-eye balled-just my take but an asshat

Mickey Lolich, Detroit Tiger, Sterling Heights-eye balled-first person I saw in person that was famous and on the television. They don't look the same in person.

Vernon Presley, Memphis-eye balled

Priscilla Presley, Memphis-eye balled

Kwame Kilpartrick, Mayor Detroit-eye balled and showed his ass, so glad he is in prison.

John Conyers, my Congressman, had the most hostile look on his face I have ever seen, of course I am a white woman.


  1. That's quite a list. Let me I once shook the hand of the Prime Minister of Australia. Of course I had a good wash afterwards. And my daughter Molly saw Johnny Depp outside her apartment in Paris.

  2. fmcgmccllc also forgot to add she slept in the same bed as the Dalai Lama (not at the same time though!)