Saturday, March 22, 2014

I have been a bit ill and a little busy

Picked up some sort of virus and now that I am well I am eating like a pig. It is ridiculous. I have gained 2 pounds. WTF.

When I am building vehicles sometimes I spend a lot of time just standing around and waiting. So I watch the world go by and sometimes I have to wonder. I wonder why a fully grown man with gray hair would wear his hair like Prince Valiant in the front and shoulder length in the back. A big guy with a big head and a big hairdo. WTF.

I also wonder why a big guy would wear camo shorts in March with whiter than white legs. There is no way those legs are not standing out as they are glaring white with sparse black hair here on there on the legs where it is has not worn off. Who is he kidding, we can all see those ugly ass legs.

My engineers that have ignored me for 5 weeks have decided they want me to stay on the program and not move to a different plant. What is it about me that everyone loves and wants to keep me working with them? When I went back with my old guy for a few days this week I worked my ass off and I am thinking he did not do shit while I was gone. No wonder he loves me. New position is scheduled to start on the 21st, we will see.

The snow melted and my street is horrible with potholes. I cannot believe how bad it is. This is gonna get ugly.

I ordered spring/summer clothes in my new size. A leap of faith on the weight and also I am hopeful I did not chase spring away by preparing. But work clothes are a must and last years are too big. Just to let everyone know, the Land's End shirts I ordered last fall are still the best shirts out there. Wear them constantly to work and no fading or shrinking. Just wash and hang them to dry and it is marvelous. Someone at the thrift store will be happy.

Badger inquired if I had any information about the books I am looking for and no, it is like the literary Gods sucked every bit of knowledge right out of my head. I am thinking of going to Barnes and Noble and just walking through the fiction section. And I better hurry before there is no more bookstores open in this country.

I finished Season 2 of House of Cards and I loved it. But it took a decided turn to the dark side, so many may find it objectionable. I think it may end here and that might be just the thing. I think Nooky and the gang on Boardwalk Empire just went on too long and I wonder if they can save it for a final season. Now onto catching up on the The Blacklist. That and Survivor and this horrid tripe called Southern Charm are all that have caught my fancy this season.


  1. Do you like Justified or The Americans on FX?

    1. Don't know those show, I will look into them.

  2. I suspect that many people have no idea what they look like when they emerge into the light of day. There was third UK season of House of Cards - so I imagine they will do the same. I can also recommend The Americans and Justified.