Sunday, March 2, 2014

Frozen Poop

As we get closer to the end of this freezing hell, in my mind we cannot scream until March 16, little things are starting to crack me up.

We currently are dealing with the frozen poop-scape. Sammy the Spanky dog discovered that he can walk on the frozen tundra. He is only about 8 pounds spread about 4 paws, and a quick hop and a jump and there he is, the King of the Frozen Tundra. He loves this space until he tries to sit his butt down. Then the freeze comes back to remind him, get your butt up and go poop. He poops all over the frozen tundra.  We cannot clean this mess up as we cannot walk on the frozen tundra. What a frigging nightmare.

The other day I was in the "ladies" stall and I looked down and wondered what the hell that fuzzy thing was, that thing attached to the bottom of my roller bag. WTF, it was my J Peterman wool Navy hat.  It had somehow got stuck to the bottom of my roller bag and I had dragged it over most of the plant floor. Yuck.

And speaking of yuck, my cashmere scarf from China, Shanghai to be specific, has so much lipstick and muck attached to it, well I just don't want to go there. This is the one I wrap around my head to get into the plants every day.

I am giving this weather until March 16, then I am gonna blow.


  1. Our little hardware store carries some permanent hanging basket frames. I had my heart set on a couple, but they aren't displayed yet. Russ says they are shooting for St. Patrick's day. We may have to resort to violence to end this weather.

  2. It is so damn cold here that when we open the door to let the cats have a look they will not even go outside. Now THAT is cold.