Monday, March 17, 2014

I meant what I said

Back in the day when Big Daddy first moved to China I had all sorts of home repair problems befall me almost as soon as the Metro car pulled out of the driveway.  The worst of the problems was with the dishwasher. It took months and months and I was into it too deep as I had paid and the fix did not work. I swore at that time I would never buy another Bosch product as it is like having to maintain and repair a BMW, very expensive. And time consuming for me.

Well the dishwasher is once again on the fritz. Big Daddy has tried to do the manly repair and it is not working. Last night, just before I got sick, I heard the dishwasher turn itself on. I woke up Big Daddy and made him eyeball the running dishwasher.  It is not fixed.

Big Daddy wanted to call a repairman and I told him no. I am not putting another dime into that infernal machine. Nope, not gonna do it. Nuhuh. Never.

So I checked Lowe's and there is a Whirlpool for a price I will pay and BD gets a discount on that brand through work and we will see.

Not one more dime.


  1. My daughter's father in law may have been related to big Daddy. His name was Bill. He lived in a Frank Lloyd Wright style home he designed and furnished in sleek, minimalist style. All German and Swedish appliances. For forty years his wife took the laundry weekly from the top of the mountain to the laundromat, as there were no washers and dryers worthy of his house. As he lay dying and soiling sheets hourly he said to his son he should think about the new German units for Ruth (his wife). His son looked at him and said Dad, the workmen are installing the Maytags as we speak, They were on sale at Lowes.

    1. Loved my Maytags, when they were really Maytags.

  2. Whirlpool has been making dishwashers for a very long time - I am sure it will be terrific.