Saturday, March 15, 2014

Randomness of the week

Not much happening with me, my short term assignment is almost over-I have one day next week. Come Monday I am back on the old cycle which had grown quite tiresome, but what they hell they are paying me decent money. Hope my swipe card still works, that could be a pain in the ass. Especially if the weather turns bad.

Speaking of bad weather, what a weird week, mild then cold then 6 to 8 inches of snow then frigid and now it is mild again. When it is mild Sammy the Spanky dog is in heaven. He sniffs like he is getting a monumental high just from the air. And the black dog is out walking and he gets to bark his head off at the offending critter.

Big Daddy was not so lucky, he had a flat tire on 696, quite a large and busy highway and changed the tire on the side of the road. I wish he would not do stuff like that, quite dangerous, and he said he would never do it again. I do not believe him. So he had to buy a new tire. Not bad compared to my former Saabs, those tires were expensive and the rims were so soft I always had to get a new rim. At least one per car and 2 was not unusual.

One of the bloggers I read spoke of a wonderful tea, Mariage Freres Wedding Imperial. Seems everyone is raving about this tea-if you like chocolate and caramel notes. I became obsessed with getting this tea and could not find it with the link, Dean & DeLuca, so I kept searching until I found Market Hall Foods on the Internet. The tea comes from Paris and I was thrilled to find it. Perusing their web site was fascinating and I also ordered some cookies. Terribly expensive but it is a treat and I am working. It was order the tea or open a bottle of wine and I am not drinking during lent, so tea it is.

The only other thing I am spending time on is the search for the missing Malaysian airliner. That is just too bizarre that this plane disappeared almost a week ago and they have no clue what happened. No clue. I am following the airline blogs and it is just incredible that this remains a mystery.

I am unhappy with our tax man and think I may have to seek out a new one for next year. Or perhaps a review of this year for better options next year. This guy kept pushing for us to push the envelope in business deductions and I really do not want to poke the cobra with the IRS, they don't play.

I found another Frances Parkinson Keyes book on eBay, Station Wagon in Spain and I have been reading that, not much on the reading list right now. Think I need to order some books.

I am also entranced with polka dots, I need polka dots. So far all I have found are shoes and I am just not sure.


  1. As for reading I saw there is a software system called Spritz that displays one word at a time with special focusing of the word. I think it is interesting that practically the whole world is against Russia over the Crimea thing while we have mis-managed invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. I might get a little more upset if Russia would decide they wanted Alyeska back and Juneau voted to secede.