Saturday, May 31, 2014


If I am not mistaken this is Rocky Mountain Columbine from about 10 years ago. I love this.

The other evening when I went to the bedroom to retire for the night I noticed my bed was soaked. Really, really wet. So once again we have a roofer and an estimate and I am so glad we did not take a vacation as this is going to cost a good bit. The roof is only 15 years old and a first layer. And we have not finished the kitchen yet. I am starting to feel like I live in the money pit.

I had another excitement at work this week. The company sent me to another plant as that guy was out of town and I knew the plant and had a badge. Well, I worked all morning and actually into the afternoon on this problem and my reward was a "yelling at". That is when "they" start talking and then the body language of turning and centering happens---and then "they" start coming in for the kill and start yelling at you when "they" are about 3 inches from your face. And you just pray they did not eat onions or garlic for lunch. The trick here is to not acknowledge the action. No facial or body expression. And when they are done just go talking in a normal manner as if nothing happened. When this was all over I was offered a ride to the front of the plant so I was forgiven and no grudges were held. Yes, this is how people are treated in the US automotive market. And I am paid to stand there and take it. Very well paid by the way, don't feel sorry for me. Just gets old. A lot of people dream of winning the lottery so they can come in and quit. I dream of winning the lottery and the next time some asshat goes off on me telling them to F off, and just watch their tiny little face scrunch up.

Big Daddy is off to buy dirt and then tomorrow maybe we can buy some plants and get started here.


  1. Those are columbine, Rocky Mountain or otherwise.
    I work with someone like that, except at the end of the screaming and yelling she sits back and sulks. I'm waiting for her to have a heart attack or stroke on the spot. I find sitting with a smile on my face really screws her up to a boil: "And why are you laughing at me!" No answer, of course.

  2. Joanne, I find a sunny smile the best revenge. Matter of fact I make a point of giving a sunny smiling Good Morning to as many asshats as possible.

  3. Sorry for your episode, some people are s trange and or d eranged, and need to be d efanged.

    1. I know there are Doors song that I enjoy, but I am not an eXpert.