Friday, July 25, 2014

Just a minute to share my fun

Gotta get new pics this weekend.

Funny of the day:

But, aren't we sorting these parts.

Yes, and they are still fucked up.

This has been a horrendous week, too many problems and no help.


  1. I would be glad to help you, but you too far 'way. I have t00 many faux overaLLs to make at the moment, around two hundred. (Wow, I can't believe I actuaLLy wrote that sentence and had flipped the to & too.)

  2. Come on Esby, take a picture for a gal.

    1. I have had a bakiloian number of cameras and I am sporadicaLLy shooting. I do like the fast and easy way to fair quality panoramic shots with a cheap camera. I almost always have a camera in each front pocket.

    2. Your patio area looks delightful. It is our time of year for Cooper and I to sit in the early mornings under and by the grape vines. This is by far the best year (#5 I think) for volume of foliage and number of grapes, plus praying mantis are now showing up the every year.