Monday, July 21, 2014

Why I Love My Job

Candles in the pots on the teak table.

Today I was tasked to find out why the parts assembly taped up to meet the "does not rotate in a 180" request were causing this huge problem.

The goal was to put some cheap ass tear tape on the part so they would not spin like a child's toy.

The unsaid expectation was that the parts would now be in a perfect configuration to make the parts go on the vehicle with no effort on the operators parts whatsoever. We call this asking the part to jump on the vehicle and make themselves at home.

And the most hilarious part of this discussion is that we used tear tape for this issue. Because the asshats are supposed to tear the tape when installing the parts. Guess what? They don't want to tear the tape. That takes too long. They want the cheap ass tape to do the job of an expensive design change because they are too damn lazy to tear the tear tape.

Just try having this conversation with yourself, "You know that is tear tape, so you can tear the tape."

"I don't have time to tear the tape, WTF, you are supposed to make this perfect--with this cheap ass fix that no one wants to pay for." "I gotta go get some free donuts."

This is why the vehicles cost so damn much, stupid shit. You can't fix stupid.