Thursday, July 10, 2014

On my last nerve

I will just keep posting random as the garden grows pictures.

It is like Spring here right now, chilly mornings and cool days. Maybe just a bit of heat in the afternoon and it cools right back down.

I had my doctor visit for the results today and all is okay. If anything else happens I am to get in their right quick, but for now it is probably a weird cyst that burst---and I gotta say I am the Queen of weird cysts and their bursting.

I am up writing this at this time of night because the crazy ass bitch on nights lost her shit and woke me up, she has no capacity for problems and it seems tonight she is inundated with them. She also is stupid and cannot remember that I do not cover nights. I asked her if she called my boss and she said told me no, she was gonna try that next if I did not answer, for the third time she called me. So, I called the boss, checked the emails, sent the emails and returned the calls. And wrote down an hour of O/T for this nonsense. And my boss asked me if I thought he should go into the plant. Remember those old Excedrin commercials?

Punkin Head is headed to Yellowstone, happy camping.

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  1. Yes, I remember my old 24/7 world fondly, babysitting computers and things that pretended to be computers.