Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The home gardener

The head Slav has put up netting on a portion of the vineyard. He takes people out and shows them the baby grapes. Dammit, it think this is fun. I also wish he would mow and take care of his lawn.

I am so damn busy at work I cannot believe it and then today I was felled by the IBS. It was a brutal afternoon. Big Daddy is in Chicago where he learned his lying, cheating and stealing co-worker was walked out the door today. And BD is interviewing for a new company tomorrow. More on that if it is warranted.

The biggie of the week is that I must go and be nice this weekend at my MIL's, but only for a short time as we must pick up my Punkin Head at the airport Sunday---early afternoon. He is coming in for a conference at his old Alma Mater and I get a great excuse to leave early.

Hubba Hubba.

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