Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Hidden Garden

I have 2, this is the first one where my pepper plants are residing. They are the only food I grow except herbs and horseradish. The horseradish is in the second hidden garden. Big Daddy is mulching and the rains are making my garden grow. It has been unseasonably cold-this morning when I left for work it was 57 degrees. Jacket weather.

I am having the worst case of Rosacea ever, it has been a month since my medical scare. That is me, I am your woman in a crisis-but a month later I am something frightful.

OOps, just noticed those weeds in the grass.

The kids are on a camping vacation and now headed to Mt. Ranier, on their way back home. Punkin Head said they are trying to get great pictures.

I have been training a new person the past couple weeks. She is bright, inquisitive and a charmer-I think she will do great. She has never done this work before so some of the particulars will be harder to learn, like reading blueprints and such, but she will be working the off shifts where that is not quite as important. I am calling her trained as of today--I am not being paid to train her so I think she is just fine. And can call the boss if she has questions.

The neighbors are all fine, The Slavs are proudly showing off the vineyard, the tat lady next door is growing some beautiful yellow lilys I can see from my family room, the orange cat from corner survived-I saw him this morning licking his paws. Big Daddy thinks the Flower Lady came home from rehab, but I have not seen her.

More to report this weekend, it seems I can only manage a couple of posts a week right now, work is just too busy.


  1. We just got our first herb garden and are looking forward to it flourishing. Our weeds grow better than anything else.

  2. I love the herbs and at the end of the season make and freeze herb butters.