Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our Traditions

This was in Big Daddy's parking lot at work. In the middle of the city.

Yes, it is that time of year again, horseradish harvesting. BD loves his horseradish. In honor of the crop we are having a standing rib roast for dinner. With Yorkshire pudding. Delish.

Today we will have the annual fight over when it is time to put the wicker furniture away. It is past time and it will be done today.

This is gonna be a crazy week, work is already crazy and Big Daddy made the correct and manly decision to hire the painter I found. He is a professional painter and takes on side jobs. He was recommended by my manicurist who has known him for years. He paints for her and she is one picky bitch.

Painter will make a few visits for prep work during the week and paint the dining room, kitchen and back entry on the weekend.

I wanted a bakers rack for the spot we removed the counter top "breakfast nook". I finally admitted what I really need is a hall tree with a seat. We don't wear our work shoes in the house, where we walk is sometimes really nasty, and I am too old to dance around on one foot at a time. Now we can come in and sit down and take off our shoes.

That is when I noticed that the light fixtures, original to our move in over twenty years seemed ugly and dated. And the Martha Stewart type back door curtain looked as old as Martha.

So BD got a deal on lights, he is hanging them and taking down the back door curtain rod, and I will post pics when it is done. Kinda a before and after for the Punkin Head.


  1. We have no deer - but we have rabbits.

    1. The outdoor cats chased all our rabbits away. Thank you to the cats, rabbits caused way too much damage.

  2. I haven't seen deer lately. It is about time for them to show up.