Friday, November 28, 2014

Reporting on Thanksgiving Day

In order to make the best pecan pie you must make 2 pies. Do not ask me why, I just know this is true. And we are just 2 people who are trying to lose weight. So Big Daddy took the second pecan pie next door and gave it to the Slavs. They appeared to be very happy with the pie. As they should be, it is delicious pie.

Pictures taken freshly this morning. Big Daddy had to explain to the Po-Po's why he was taking pictures this morning. He said there were 3 empty cop cars in the parking lot and the copper came out of the bushes. Do not want to know.

Anyway, The Roostertail is still alive and well. I went there for the boat races one year and saw Pat Morita, fresh from the Karate Kid fame. I believe Punkin Head's senior prom was held there. I ate quite often at the restaurant next door back in the day. And why are we discussing this?

Because I saw the wonderful movie Jersey Boys last night. I do not often pay top dollar for movies as most of them disappoint. This was the best damn movie I have seen in a very long time. And I had no idea the Roostertail played a part in his career and the movie. The Roostertail itself is surrounded by much gossip and stories through the years.

Putting the house back together today and perhaps some pictures.

Oh, and BD made enough mashed potatoes for the Walton family so I reminded him of an old southern favorite, fried potato cakes for breakfast. He found a recipe demanding the use of an iron skillet so we were good to go. I bet I gained 5 pounds yesterday and today.


  1. Fried potato cakes sound good - I will look up thee recipe.

    1. It was a delight, talk about your comfort food.