Friday, November 14, 2014

Latest Mishmash

The last rose, it was in the 20's last night.

Since I bitched about needing help I guess I should not complain about the yahoo they sent to help me. Let it be said I tried hard to be nice, but almost every person in the plant came up and asked me who the "Goofy Guy" was. That is an exact quote, "Goofy Guy". Just one example, he bought 2 chickens, I am hoping they were cooked, and kept them overnight in his car--because it is cold enough now. And he ate one on his drive into work.

And he never washes his hands.

And he looks for old pizza under the seats of his car when he is hungry.

Yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck and yuckity yuck.

I have 2 new winter coats and both fit like a second skin if I do not have anything else on, including the glasses I hang on my neckline, they are both from Costco and they are both made in China. I think  made by  the company that does not make bigger bigger bigger, the one on Quipo Lu, pronounced Cheapo Lu. For goodness sakes they are a large and are skintight. Everything else I wear is a medium. WTF.

Yesterday I had a couple of the plants calling me and acting all loud and important and stating important shit, kinda like they were yelling at me. I have found the most effective response is no response. Then they gotta kinda repeat themselves to make sure you heard them and it takes the wind out of their sails, and then I say , uhuh. Got it.

The sort companies are still all f'ed up, not sending proper information, new reworks, new problems and I am home and not working right now.

That is because it is a UAW holiday. Veteran's Day. No the UAW does not memorialize or thank the vets on Veterans's Day. They give them a nod on Friday while they are driving up north for the start of gun hunting season or they are laying about their homes that some other went out and gave his all to protect this country.


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