Sunday, November 23, 2014

Worst managed launch ever

We have now reached the point of "cannot be fucked up any worse" with this launch. Every day I think I have reached rock bottom and there is a seismic shift allowing me to sink further into the abyss of hell. And I am doing this in a foreign language, which I have not spoken since 6th grade and I only had 6 weeks of training. Oh and of course the occasional movie trailer, hasta la vista baby. I texted my contact that he had to call me pronto as things were mucho mucho grande bad.

And speaking of mucho mucho grande bad my IBS is at an all time mess. Stress does not do well with my guts and my complexion. I walk around as if everything is fine but the insides know better. Due to an unfortunate accident this weekend I now own new slippers, a robe, a nightgown, 2 white towels and a Ralph Lauren throw. Don't ask.

The painting is complete and when it is dry I can vacuum, put things away and start decorating for Christmas. I wanted to buy stuff this weekend but I had to keep reminding myself, I do not know what I have packed away. Pictures of the update will be available soon. That reminds me I am still looking for washable rugs for the kitchen, is it us or does everyone else really have those expensive rugs in the kitchen that must be sent out to them cleaned. WTF.

We will be giving thanks at home alone and Big Daddy wants to do the whole 9 yards. We will see. I mentioned he might want to contact his mom to see if she would like to go to lunch on the weekend, or we could take her lunch. Whichever, we will see.

I am thinking about making cookies. It could happen.


  1. When I read your blog it makes me realize how lucky I am. I hope you at least have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. and back attcha, good luck with your trip.