Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I am still around

Some of the style blogs that I read post pics of themselves. So this is my new haircut and color. I am happy with it at this point.

I hate not posting for so long, but this has been a long ugly time, this is one of the worst launches I have ever seen. Prolly the worst really. Thank God we are off for Voting Day or I might have collapsed. I got a flu shot yesterday after work and my arm is not happy. And they say massage it and I say, what-I cannot touch it or move it without pain. Fun.

Halloween was a bust here, even with the glowing red eyeballs in the skull we had zero trick or treaters. None, zip, nada. Very chilly and rainy prolly did it. I remember taking Punkin Head to the Emergency Room so many times on Halloween when he was small and cute. Versus grown up and handsome.

Bought lunch at the plant last week, I rarely buy lunch and sometimes just eat on the run. Fried fish, hush puppies and mac and cheese. Who could say no? I should have with a Barq's, which I also do not do-- this lunch was just shy of 10 bucks. And not all that good. Fish was good. Barq's was good. Hush Puppies were horrid.

But I did get some laughs, as I was sitting there I saw a bunch of zombies walk past me and said to myself, WTF are zombies doing in here eating this shit. Completely forgot that the line workers dress up for Halloween and was so stressed out did not even think to hide in the basement.


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    1. Well, it is my one vanity and high maintenance. Very HIgh.

  2. Happy NovEmber, it is getting a little chilly here. Super busy, no time for writing much.

    1. Glad to hear you are busy, miss your writing.

    2. I mainly write comments lately, at your place, Badger's and my friend Rob.