Saturday, December 20, 2014

All Good Things must come to an End

We have not had a serious car accident in quite some time, until Friday afternoon. Big Daddy had to avoid a car that ran a red light and his evasive action landed him right on the "bumper" of an old well- built truck.

It even cracked the windshield.

Things we learned, on this car when the battery is gone so are the door locks and the ability to open the trunk. When you have just left Costco with your trunk stuffed full of stuff, well it now becomes a project to open the trunk through the escape hatch. Thank goodness the lease on this car is up in less than 6 months. But our rental car coverage is only good  for one month and I don't think we are gonna make it to the end without having to pay extra. Thank goodness we have the means to pay.

But, seriously you could not open the door to get out and if that accident had started a fire, well BD would have been toast. And the airbag never went off. And we both think it should have at the speed and angle of the contact. Does not make me happy. BD will follow up with the insurance company.

Work is worse than ever and I have never ever seen anything this bad. I have refused to work over the holiday shutdown and we will see how that works out. I did get a special lunch and recognition last week for doing a great job. I had to chuckle, it was almost a special pat on the back for not quitting this nightmare and becoming a professional greeter.

We now know our Polish cleaning lady is laughing her ass off at us. For some reason last night BD was turning and tossing and found a zipper on the silk bed cover he brought back from Mysore, India. It is not a bed cover it is a duvet cover and we look like the Clampetts. WTF.