Saturday, December 13, 2014

I miss blogging and they are killing me

This launch has been the worst launch I have ever seen and I have been launching since 1998. I am exhausted and worn to the bone. And it keeps going on.

The only highlight of my life is that every day I walk into the plant I have to see the most sad assed Christmas tree ever. And I do mean ever. First there were these really tired and ugly wreaths on the plant. At night they light up and look fine but in the light of day, awful. Then one day there appears this phony green Christmas tree out of the box that reminds me of a Charlie Brown Christmas, but 7 feet tall. About 3 days later there are some lights. A day or two later there are these lame ass red ribbons that I swear are the torn off red film strips from some parts I ship in. Not bows red shit hanging from the limbs.  And then yesterday tada, there is one fucking Christmas tree ball on this tree. ONE. Happy fucking Christmas.

So I have this sort company working for me and they are all Marslusians. I do not speak that language or understand their culture so we have quite a few lively discussions. I have had to have 2 or 3 "Come to Jesus" meetings as we tend to call them in the auto industry. At one meeting I asked Dick where the fuck he thought all the supplies came from, Heaven? And did he think St. Dick was leaving them on his work bench? Marslusians are very Catholic. I fired Roman Peter yesterday and he was still there an hour later. So I had to call the consultant, (it is like I am working with some Mafia group) and tell him to go fire Roman Peter again. And now I have an email from him and I am not even gonna read it for a while.

As I was delivering the supplies the other day as I walked into the cage I noticed there was a person laying on the floor surrounded by medical personnel and an oxygen mask. Yep, it was on of my Marslusians. She passed out and was stabilized and taken to the hospital by ambulance. The story I was told is she takes 2 bus transfers and walked 5 miles to work. She did not eat for 2 days and bought and drank 2 very large cups of expensive coffee in the cafeteria. WTF.

Big Daddy is cleaning the carpet in the Family Room and it is not going well.

I told my boss if he wanted me to work during the Christmas shut down I was available X days for a 4 hour minimum. He emails me back with maybe we can just be on call. Dumbass, Sure for a 4 hour minimum. I am not on call for free.

I promise to be more positive on the next Blog if I have to medicate myself. Love to all and to all a goodnight.


  1. I have no idea what a Marslusian is. I hope you have good meds. You are in luck, I heard that some Indian reservations might (most likely) go from the pottery business into the pot business. ActuaLLy, I am veRy anti-pot for most situations.

    1. I am neutral on pot and starting to think everyone in Michigan needs to smoke a joint every morning just to get through this launch.

  2. Here I was thinking I had a bad Christmas tree

    1. I swear to all they put 2 more balls on today, a seven foot tree with 3 balls. It is amazing.