Monday, December 22, 2014

Saddest Christmas tree part 33

The polar bears are back. I love them.

If I can sneak it out I am gonna take a picture of this tree tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day.

People are now putting their parts on the tree as decorations. Mostly the badging parts. Those are the ones that say the name of the vehicle, or company, or a special assest of the vehicle like "trail rated" and no I am not at that plant.

Well today I came down the steps and said, WTF, someone took white garbage bags and fashioned them into a really bad Angel on top of the tree and tied it up with the used and discarded tape film from my parts. I cannot describe how hilarious and sad this looks. Guess I am not the only one who thinks this tree is in need of love or a Christmas Special ala Charlie Brown.

I bought pizza for the materials group today, 200 bucks worth of pizza and when I went down to get help they found the guys on the flat bed and another dude grabbed a vehicle and we all rode out to the gate to collect the food and sign the receipt. Hilo drivers are happy and my boss is not. He told me to keep it under 150.00 but that is just not realistic. Let him scream, let him scream, let him scream.

IBS acted up this afternoon and I had to run for cover. Thank goodness I made it home safe and tomorrow is the last day and we can relax and have some fun. Or sleep. I will start showing the Christmas pics.

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