Tuesday, December 30, 2014

These boots are NOT made for walking

Saw these boots at work, totally inappropriate for the plant but I was intrigued. Fur boots and they looked good. The gal said she bought them from Wish dot com and paid 15 bucks. I found the web site and bought them for 24 bucks. The sizing was dicey and I should have gone with my regular size, except the boots are kinda sweaty. So one size up with socks is a good thing for me. They were also supposed to take forever to arrive and just yesterday I received an email that they would be here the week of January 11 and they were on my porch in a vacuum pack the same day. Take it for what it is worth, would I order again? Yes. Would I spend a bunch of money? No.

The word is the Fiesta is toast and we need a new vehicle. We are thinking the Ford Escape. Gotta drive a Ford and I want a bit bigger and higher ride than the Fusion.

So tomorrow is look for a vehicle, go to lunch and get snacks and bites for New Year's Eve. We always stay home now and just nosh with a big lunch on New Years day. Big Daddy bought me a caftan from Dennis Basso and I will model that on my next post. Or the next next post.

I have a hard talking about this because it is not a comfortable subject. My hairdresser had a bad PAP smear and then went in for a D&C and then had to have a hysterectomy. And now she has Stage 3 cancer. She is the sweetest person and I don't know how she is dealing with this as she is the person in the family that takes care of everyone. But no one at the salon is taking care of her customers and her business. I have to make a decision on what to do with my high maintenance hair and I am not happy about my options. It is scary to have someone else cut or do highlights on my hair after 20 years of the same person taking care of it, even when I was in China I always came home for cuts and highlights. I know this is silly and superficial, but to me it is a trial. No one in the salon is offering helpful tips and I don't know where else to go. None of the best hairdressers in the salon are offering to take on her clients, even though she is the best and teachs at this joint. WTF.

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