Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Odds and ends

Yes, it was a great pie.

And the bird was good.

And the wreath is up so we don't get run out of the neighborhood.

Big Daddy took Sammy for his cookies this weekend to the City Bark. These are expensive and hand made cookies for this mutt we rescued, a mutt with no gratitude in his heart. He will not sit pretty for me or BD. He knows how he just won't do it. He prefers to prance and bark for us. Well the little ingrate sashays into the store and when the clerk holds up the bag of ultra expensive dog cookies, Sammy the Spanky Dog sits up like he is at the Westminster Show and up for a blue ribbon.

And now a short rant, people that do style blogs should have a sense of style. Or a sense of what is not appropriate, like the ones in my former rants with wrinkled clothes, taddy ball clothes, clothes that should never be seen on a woman much less put on the world wide web as something you should lust for. Today it is about feet and more specifically toes. If you do not know how to properly give yourself a pedicure and you cannot afford a proper professional pedicure---do not put pictures of your ugly ass feet with too long toe nails, crappy polish all over your cuticles and uneven and unshaped toe nails. Do not show nasty feet on the Internet. As a matter of fact these people should invest in socks and never take them off. Ever, even if there their feet rot the socks are better than their ugly ass feet.


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  1. wow your wreath has lights. Ours is very dull.