Sunday, April 5, 2015

Vacation Savannah Georgia

This is my favorite shopping ever, Benefit Cosmetics in a vending machine. No, I did not buy anything, but if I needed mascara there it is. Savannah airport.

Flights were great by Delta. Who knew.

We checked in to the Andaz and for the money it was just fine. No one helped with us the bags but we are self sufficient. And they did like to hold open the doors.

First night we were tired, confused and getting our bearings and had an early dinner at Paula Deen's Lady and Sons. I have followed her forever and read her book and wished her food was better. It was expensive, buffet, one tea and one glass of wine was between 60 and 70 bucks including tip. And her mashed potatoes were like soup.

The next day we went to Mrs. Wilkes for lunch, and yes we stood in line for an hour and it was wonderful. The food was fantastic and everything reminded me of growing up in the south. Would I do it again, probably.

Other places to eat, Vic's on the River, Huey's, Boars Head and Elizabeth's.

We took a taxi to River Street and the most hilarious of all our adventures. This is a small town and small historic area. We got in the taxi and the driver and some girl in the front passenger seat were eating Frito's. This taxi was arranged by the hotel. The taxi driver told me he had no idea where we wanted to go, but he would start at the beginning so we would not miss it. Yes, I found the place and yes we tipped--it was too fucking sad.

I got great deals on shopping, I love to shop on vacation since I rarely shop at shop. When you visit a city in spring the winter mark-downs are fabulous. I got a leather ruffled jacket that was originally 500 bucks for 100 and a linen sweater for 30 bucks. My niece is getting a Free People vest for 30 bucks and I got a 30 dollar black sweater from Banana Republic when the weather turned cold. I am happy.

The Mercer-Williams house from the book and movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, it was grand. I can't wait to read the book again and watch the movie again. Excellent tour.

It was all good and I will continue to publish pics as there is nothing here to take pics of.

Now I am concentrating on the garden and Curly.

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