Tuesday, July 7, 2015

You'll never guess . . it is raining

Remember those painted fish we had a few years ago, well this year the cultural summer experience is butterfly benches. They are all over town. All different.

Well, I went back to the eye doctor and saw a different doc this time. She changed my contact prescription so maybe I can see most of the time now. Most of the time is the goal. She also plucked my contact out of my eyeball. It was stuck on tight and I could not get it out and she said let me, and voila she had that sucker out. Then she plopped the new one in, since she was standing there. And I could see.

She said my eyes were small but it is what it is. And she did not say, for an old lady, but she did say under the circumstances of never having used them before I was doing pretty good. Made me feel a tinge better.

Work is getting weirder and nastier. I am waiting for an implosion. I swear in all my years I have never seen this kinda shit.


  1. I was in the hotel gel in Disneyland when my eyes went funny and I can no longer see properly. I went to the Eye doctor and she says I have the right glasses - which I got just before I went to Disneyland. But I still can't see nearly as well as I used to. Weird.

    1. I have heard stories like that and it is odd.

  2. Hello, do hang in there and best wishes!