Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Getting old

There is a good explanation for this dreadful picture.

I cannot see anything.

Monday was finally the day of the eye appointment. I had been worried because sometimes I just can't see properly. The other day I was driving down Mack and said to myself, self I don't think you could pass a driving eye test today. Guess what, I could not pass one on Monday either.

So now I have new lens ordered for my reading glasses, new distance glasses ordered and trial contact lens. The contact lens are because of my job. I have to wear safety glasses at work. They are not the greatest thing ever to see through, and they fog up. If I had to wear prescription safety glasses will bi/tri focal, damn they would cost a fortune and be ugly ass glasses that I could wear no where else. And as soon as I got them I would be fired because that is how that shit works.

So Tuesday I went to contact lens class. Yep, there is a class and I cannot believe I passed. It is very difficult to get the stupid things stuck to your eyeball. I had to do the right eye 3 times. Which made it quite irritated before it was all over. And then I drove home.

I was thinking that as irritated as my eyes were I really should not be too judgmental on how I felt my new improved sight was working for me. Be grateful I could see to get home. Got home, screwed around and Big Daddy mentioned we had to answer the Airbnb lady about the trip. So I sat down at the computer and dammit, I had to wear my readers to see the screen. WTF.

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