Thursday, July 30, 2015

This is it, Meet Curly

The one and only baby pic on the blog.

I do not cotton to putting pics of kiddies on the Internet and this one is very innocuous photo to anyone but us. To us she is the most gorgeous little thing ever. And she had to fight so hard to get this far. What a champ.

Her other grandma sent a video of her sitting in a baby seat. Who but a grandma would take such a video. It was hilarious, but sweet.

I went to the doctor today for the regular check up and left with more medicine. For a woman my age in very good health I seem to take a lot of pills. Now I have muscle relaxers because I am too tense. Who knew?

My company sends in parts that can cause major damage and problems and I am a little tense? I am forced to work with people who not speak English, and I am a little tense? The plant quality manager has devoted his life to making people cry and I am a bit tense?

I am down to 10 minutes now to put in my contacts.

Need to work out what to pack this weekend and I hear it is gonna be a scorcher in Portland. And I think we have air in the Airbnb. Will let you know.


  1. I have seem to have got rid of alot of tense in my life. My motto is What Would Cooper Do? Actually that isn't true, he barks and growls at lots of things except women. He loves women. He is my main source of calm. I just take a break and spend time talking to him, which he loves, of course.

    Babies are wonderful. My granddaughter now sounds like a pteradactyl.

    1. Yea they grow up and make new noises, Curly so far has been quiet on the phone. We will see in person.