Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A whole new world

The conservatory at Belle Isle

Well, I could not get my contacts in this morning so I wore my new glasses to drive into work. I am amazed at all the stuff I have been missing. I am sure the newness will wear off soon, kinda like when you quit smoking and can smell all the nastiness for the first time.

I could see all the tiny trash and weirdo people, cracks in the overhead bridges, and my instrument panel. When I pulled in the parking lot I could see all the paint fucked up on the vehicles and how dirty some of the vehicles are. When I got inside the plant I could not wait to take the glasses off. Enough for one day.

Big Daddy drove through Belle Isle and he said since the state has taken it on as a state park the change is remarkable. I will have to drive through with him. Maybe this Sunday after another brunch at Seldon Standard. And I can take pics now that I can see. Phone camera is still shitty however. Gonna have to make a decision on the iPhone or the Samsung. Any opinions?

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