Friday, July 17, 2015

It's a good thing I bought that hat

Cone flowers are blooming.

Well Curly took her time and gave her parents a bit of a scare and her mama had to have a C-section and her daddy had to watch it all. Curly is in ICU and I am not sure if they are still cooling or warming her up but she is well tended. And according to Punkin Head she has red hair. Don't know if it is curly yet.

Scary for us all.

This has been a bad week at work, we have had a few calls for defects and it gets really emotional. One was a bad defect and just made the week worse, everyone just keeps scrambling to CYA.

And the damn rain, I walked out today into rain again. WTF. I can't tell you if anything is growing cause it is too damn wet to go and look.

I did get Harper Lee's new book and I will be reading it this weekend.

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