Sunday, August 23, 2015

Eastern Market adventures

There was a really great pepper vendor.

We have enough fruit and veggies for the year, too bad they do not keep. We hauled our butts down to the market Saturday morning and loaded up. I also got potatoes and onions for the pantry. Big Daddy roasted whole beets last night and I made this onion concoction to keep in the fridge to cook with and roasted potatoes and tomatoes for use next week. I also made the garbage soup.

I was standing around waiting for BD when the smell of peaches was overwhelming. I looked over and the peaches were calling my name, when you can smell them you know they are gonna be wonderful. This lady walked up and asked if they were from Michigan and walked away. No, they were from South Carolina and the best.

I am on a new diet/lifestyle plan as my cholesterol is high and I refuse to take statins. So bye bye eggs, red meat and cheese and hello fruits and veggies. I am also taking Questran which is a godsend for the IBS, so far no more Immodium. What a nice side-effect. So far I have lost 5 pounds so I cannot bitch. And I am allowing a weekly cheat so I don't go crazy. I finally had to admit the Atkins wasn't gonna do it and I was eating too much junk. Junk as in cookies, they are my downfall.

I did cheat on vacation, although I froze my Biscoff for emergency rations. But howdoyou not have fried chicken and waffles and that hanger steak was fabulous.

We have figured out Thanksgiving. We are staying home and going to Jersey Boys at the Fisher. We have not been to the theater in a long time and I am excited. We can cook here, decide on Christmas decor, visit MIL and be quiet. Loved the movie and the CD so I hope I am not disappointed.

I also found the ornamental kale at the market to spruce up the garden and 2 house plants, a jade and a prayer plant.

God, this all sounds boring.

Work was exciting, we had a repeat quality issue that exploded with people screaming on conference calls and Mexicans trying to wiggle out of it. Mexicans are not good at wiggling. I had to back up and punt to keep the line running and my asshole boss was giving me instructions from afar. Shit like you need to document this and that so that we may be able to  . . blah . . blah. That is his new thing . . spaces and periods. And stealing what he thinks are hot phrases. He is now calling all Mexicans "friends" in a very condescending way. What an asshat. And my Mexicans, well they can't make a taco.

Life goes on.

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