Monday, August 24, 2015

My Mexicans are in trouble again

An abandoned house on the way back from Eastern Market.

My Mexicans are supposed to issue documents authorizing sorting and payments. They have a really hard time with this concept. And when they don't do it, I am supposed to shut down the job.

Now, no one has answered my question as to what I am supposed to tell the customer. I am sure they will not take something like that well.

When I was gone on vacation no one did shit about authorizations and POs, and this weekend no one did even less than shit. So Monday morning the shit hits the fan, why wasn't this shit done.

If I don't have this shit that I worked all day to try and get, well tomorrow morning I am gonna put it out and ask how the asshats want me to tell the customer and are they ready to air charter and do they have a plan for the yard, which will be on hold.

Should be fun.


  1. Hope things get sorted out, greetings!

  2. Well your life is much more exciting than mine. I had a Mexican in my house but all he did was play music and sing - for days an ddays.

    1. They are a happy bunch, except when they are told to air charter. That makes them grumpy.