Sunday, August 9, 2015

Axel Foley in my yard, or my version of Beverly Hills Cop

So I am sitting in the family room working on my computer, it is about 5 PM and I hear a police siren. No surprise, here in the Pointes they pull you over at 4 over. They seriously need the money for all the holiday and seasonal decorations.

Then I hear another siren, and another and now there are a whole bunch of sirens. I decide to go and see if something exciting is going on. As I get to the front door Sammy Dog decides he needs to go pee pee. I get him hooked up and untangled and turn around . . . to more cop cars than I can count.

And there is a huge refrigerator of a guy walking very briskly down the sidewalk towards my house.

About this time the choppers start circling the house, whooooop whoooop, whoop . . .

So I quickly backed inside, locked everything and started hollering for Big Daddy to make sure everything is locked down. He of course is not listening to me and when he finally gets tired of hearing me screech he wanders out and says I should check the back door.

By the way, Sammy is still outside because if it is me or him, who is gonna hurt an 8 pound poodle with a brown chest from coughing up crap.

It is way too late for BD's advise, I have checked everything and the criminals are all about the neighborhood.

We go back to the front window to check and Holy Shit, there is a guy all dressed in green with a rifle of some sort standing in my driveway. He could be in a movie he looks so sincere, swiping the rifle to and fro;then he walks into my backyard. Now I don't know of anything back there requiring a rifle to sort it out. WTF.

Finally Sammy Dog wanders up to the porch and we snatch him inside, just in the nick of time. Here come the Canine Units, You know the guys with the specially trained dogs to sniff shit and guess what color those dogs are? Yep Black. Big Black dogs. Sammy's favorite hate color.

Suddenly every one turned around and jumped in their cars and left.

And that is the end of the story, no closure. Until 10 PM when Big Daddy gets a text that says 3 armed robbers where caught very near our street.

Shiver me timbers.


  1. That must have been a sight to see, straight out of the movies scenario. Good that things didn't escalate. Greetings!

    1. Never have I scene anything like it.

  2. We often have that type of stuff here. There were shots fired a block away from us last week. It makes for a very entertaining life.

    1. The guy with the rifle in my driveway was kinda much, but I thought they all should have said goodbye.