Sunday, August 30, 2015

Uno, dos, tres, . .

Grotesques at Reed College Library, this was the outer wall they built around for the expansion.

I am really concerned about my Mexicans. For the 4 millionth time in 2 weeks they have asked me how many people are sorting their parts. It is 2 per shift for 3 shifts and they cannot get that straight. Really, how hard is this.

Just finished reading "The Mockingbird Next Door" about a Chicago Trib writer that was very close to the Lee sisters and wrote of their lives and friendship. The only thing left to read is the actual tale. Big Daddy bought it at Costco and will start that next week. Need some trashy reading first so I am going for Jonathan Kellerman "The Murderer's Daughter".

BD and I had a quiet weekend, mani-pedi, groceries, dog cookies to buy, and then I discovered a new store. Gymboree. Curly is gonna be the best dressed girl in town. This outfit is the cat's ass and I get coupons and points and it is the best thing in town for grandmama's with disposable income.

We had a light lunch at the Red Crown and I still have not cheated since arriving home. Weight is fluctuating but have still maintained the lost 5 pounds. It would help if I remembered to take my meds as the thyroid is an issue. BD discovered they sell Delta Biscoff at Costco and they are very low in calorie and cholesterol so that may be my weekend cheat.

The boss is on vacation next week so I am hoping for some peace and quiet. And I have Labor Day weekend off.


  1. I read The Mockingbird Next Door and felt sorry for the author when Harper Lee disavowed all knowledge and approval of the interviews. I think Lee is something of a sociopath as she has done this repeatedly to interviewers. If she wants to keep her privacy, fine - but don't lie to people. I think that's the most telling part of "Next Door". At least the author was warned by someone else who had the same shabby treatment.

    1. Never heard this, interesting. The whole thing is just odd. My son refuses to read Go Set A Watchmen til she dies. I don't get that. I liked the book and to me that is good enough.