Sunday, August 16, 2015

Portland is too damn odd.

Saw this and thought what a great way to exchange books. There were only children's books and toys. So I left Joan River's book. Oh, get over it.

This place is nutso.

And I am exhausted, red eye back and then a nail appointment.

Big Daddy and I are whooped. And the Country Cat at Portland Airport is not worth buying food from unless you are actually starving to death.

The flight itself was great, got a glass of red wine before take off and was asleep as we went up. Woke up 5 minutes from landing when the "Pilot" said to prepare for landing. They did not serve coffee so that was my first stop in the airport. Lone server at that time of the morning was not nice. Come on, your day is just starting and you are in a customer service position and can't be nice to one of your first customers?

We mostly slept on and off for the rest of the day and night. Hurray to Punkin Head for going to the Airbnb and fetching my garments left in the dryer.

Cat was waiting at the back door and is happy to see us, Sammy Dog is fine and all is well here at the Old Homestead.

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