Monday, August 10, 2015

No air in the Airbnb

But there is the private pool.

So we are living like the natives. It is not so bad.

Curly is wonderful, but I had to buy her a couple outfits today, at the resale shop. Everyone following the rules bought 6 months and our baby is really kinda small. So I got her a few things to stretch the wardrobe.

We went to breakfast at a great place Bread and Ink, Quirky yes, good food, yes.

Then the Woodstock Farmer's Market, we got a few things but the mushrooms I wanted would not keep to take home. We did get some dried shrooms and some powdered. And some fruit for the apartment.

We are in the jet lag mode so this will be a transition phase, but we have all the movie channels on demand. Hurray.

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